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  1. I can’t log into Providersoft, what do I do? If you are unable to log into the Providersoft, please double check the following:

  2. Ensure that you are seeing the Agency’s logo to the right of the web page; if not, please click on this link to get there:

  3. You are using the email address that you provided to the Agency during your application

  4. Try to reset your password

  5. If all of the above fails, please contact us at

  1. What happens if my notes don't match the claim data I entered in Providersoft?

  2. What happens if I entered a mistake in Providersoft?

  3. Can I see the authorization in there and the mandate and the DOB and the start and end date and the IFSP?

Yes in the documents tab you will see the current authorization assigned to you as well as the current IFSP

  1. Why am I getting an error about conflicting time?

  2. Why am I getting an error about going over clinically appropriate

  3. Why am I getting an error about going over the mandate?

  4. Is there a Providersoft app?

  5. I am having trouble using my phone with Providersoft, is there anything I can do?

Please try to open the settings and click the desktop version, as some functions are not compatible with the mobile version. Hi Jaime! I have a Samsung Galaxy S9


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