1. I submitted my notes, when do I get paid? You get paid approximately 4 weeks after you submit your session notes into Providersoft

  1. What are the rates (rates for ongoing care are the same for both NYC & Westchester cases)?

Ongoing Care:

  1. ABA/SI/FT/SW Provider - As an employee (W2): $60 per 60-minute session and $50 per 30-minute session; As a DOH approved independent contractor (W9): $70 per 60- minute session and $55 per 30-minute session.

  2. ST/OT/PT Provider - As an employee (W2): $55 per 30-minute session; As a DOH approved independent contractor (W9): $63 per 30-minute session

  3. OTA - As an employee (W2): $48 per 30-minute session Evaluations:

  4. SI Evaluators - $175 monolingual; $200 bilingual

  5. ST/OT/PT Evaluators - $160 monolingual; $200 bilingual

  6. Psychological Evaluations - $160 monolingual; $200 bilingual

  1. How do I access my paystubs?

Send your request to Payroll.brightfuture@gmail.com and a link will be sent to you, providing you access to Primepay

  1. Why does my paystub show a different cycle?

Your paystub should show the corresponding cycle for your payment UNLESS you submitted late, then it will show the current cycle

  1. How do I see my full payment for a cycle?

a. Log into Providersoft , click on Providers tab

b. Enter your name, click on Search

c. Click on your name

d. Click on Sessions Tab

e. Input the appropriate date range you are interested in and click Search

  1. Why are my deductions so high?

The amount of taxes withheld is based on information you submitted on your W4

a. Your filing status

b. Number of allowances you are qualified to take

  1. How can I change my direct deposit?

a. Submit your Official Bank’s direct deposit form OR

b. Use link: https://primepay.com/resources/forms-calendars and download Primepay forms-Direct Deposit

c. Fill out form and submit to payroll.brightfuture@gmail.com

  1. How can I change my tax withholdings?

Request a W4 form to fill out and return from hrdept.brightfutureforthechildren@gmail.com OR payroll.brightfutureforthechildren@gmail.com

  1. Why are my claims still pending in Providersoft?