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I am excited to apply to Bright Future, what application documents are needed?

You need the following documents:

  • Malpractice insurance

  • NPI Number (click here to apply

  • Medical

  • Professional License/Certification

  • Acknowledgement of Policy & Procedures Manual

  • Annual Staff Physical

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Drug/Alcohol Declaration

  • I-9 Form and applicable IDs

  • State Central Register (SCR) form

  • Primepay Direct Deposit form

  • Provider Information form

  • Relevant Tax forms

  • Voided check

  • Contract


How can I submit my documents? If I do not feel secure with email, how else can I submit?

Documents may be submitted through email or fax. However, if you would like to use a more secure method of submitting your paperwork, you may also use postal mail service.


Is the malpractice really necessary?



In addition to attending the new hire orientation, what other trainings must I attend to fully onboard with BF?

a. Overview of the Agency and Expectations of Providers

b. Introduction to Early Intervention

c. Writing NYS compliant documentation with LIVE session writing workshop

d. My Initial 2 Weeks as an Early Intervention Therapist - What Will I Do?


Why do I have to attend the new hire orientation/onboarding trainings?

The new hire orientation & onboarding trainings are geared towards introducing Providers to the Agency and provide the relevant information needed to ensure readiness in providing service to our clients.


I am a LMSW/LCSW, what kind of cases can I provide?

As a LMSW/LCSW, you will be able to provide the following services:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Special Instructions (SI)

  • Social Work (SW)

  • Family Training (FT)


If I am a DOH/ST/PT/OT, do I still have to attend the new hire orientation?

Yes, all new Providers must attend the new hire orientation before they can receive cases from us.


I hold a limited permit, what now?

As a limited permit holder with an assigned Supervisor from our Agency, you will be able to receive cases from us provided that your application has been processed and all on-boarding trainings have been attended.


I am an OTA, who is my supervisor?

Once you have been assigned your first case, you will be assigned a Supervisor.


Do I get paid for the new hire orientation/onboarding trainings?



What are the rates (rates for ongoing care are the same for both NYC & Westchester cases)?

Ongoing Care:

- ABA/SI/FT/SW Provider - As an employee (W2): $60 per 60-minute session and $50 per 30-minute session; As a DOH approved independent contractor (W9): $70 per 60- minute session and $55 per 30-minute session.

- ST/OT/PT Provider - As an employee (W2): $55 per 30-minute session; As a DOH approved independent contractor (W9): $63 per 30-minute session

- OTA - As an employee (W2): $48 per 30-minute session


- SI Evaluators - $175 monolingual; $200 bilingual

- ST/OT/PT Evaluators - $160 monolingual; $200 bilingual

- Psychological Evaluations - $160 monolingual; $200 bilingual


When can I pick up toys?

Once you have accepted your first case, you may contact the HR department to make arrangements to pick up toys.


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