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OTAs/COTAs will be assigned to their OT supervisor upon receiving their first case with the agency. Our HR Supervisor, will send you an email (click here for an example) with specifics. 
Your OT Supervisor will be in contact with you on a weekly basis to provide supervision of your activities including session notes.
For that reason, it is mandatory that all OTAs/COTAs complete their session notes fully electronically to facilitate the OT supervision remote signature process. 

Submission Procedure:

Step 1. Learn how to enter an electronic session note by reviewing the OTA Electronic Note training here. 

Step 2.  Type the electronic note & log and obtain signatures within the PS system

  • Be sure to save your note & log as draft often so that you do not lose any changes 

  • You must obtain the parents signature on both the note & the log

  • Parent signatures can be signed electronically in person or using the Remote Signature Capture feature (click here for training on this feature)

Step 3. Upon completing a note, be sure to save it as a 'Draft' and communicate with your assigned OT supervisor to inform him/her that you have notes ready for their review. The OT supervisor will review and sign your notes if they approve the contents.
Step 4. After the OT supervisor signs your note, do one more final review to ensure you have met all the billing standards (such as matching dates, correct CPT, correct ICD, correct time, etc.). Once you've done your final review, please click 'Submit' and you are all done

Click here for a training video demonstrates the above steps. 
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