Welcome to Bright Future!

Committed to ensure that our youngest population receives the best possible developmental services, Danie Mascary and Jaime Alleyne-Bermudez founded Bright Future for the Children, a DOH approved Early Intervention agency.

Our providers work in all 5 boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island and specialize in: Service Coordination, Evaluations, ABA, Special Instruction, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Feeding, Social Work, Family Training

We are always looking for committed professionals willing to join us on our mission to ensure our children are achieving his/her highest social and academic potential. 


On behalf of the Bright Future family, we are excited to have you on the team!

A Very Important Message

Being a therapist in Early Intervention is extremely rewarding, especially as you begin to see the growth and progress of the children you serve. But please understand this job/position is very serious as we are highly liable for the cases we accept from the NYS Department of Health and offer to you.

To be more clear, our agency is heavily regulated by the State and City which, in turn, means that we must ensure all our therapists are following a slew of compliance-related items. This includes, but not limited to: session notes, progress reports, taking data on child's progress, following various policies, and communicating with us frequently & on an ongoing basis.

No matter if you are a part-time or full-time therapist, please be sure that if you decide to accept cases for us, you come with the understanding that this work has to be treated with your utmost commitment as you would any other job. There are rules, regulations, policies, correspondence, and documentation that must all be followed.

BF Correspondence

Our main way of distributing information is via email. Therefore, please check your email at least three (3) times per day for BF correspondence (Not checking your email is not an excuse for missing information or delayed responses).


We are planning to distribute BF email addresses to all internal and external staff soon. In the meanwhile, we strongly encourage you to make an email address specifically for our correspondence so that you do not miss any emails from us.  

Please note: HIPAA regulations require that all confidential information be protected therefore please use child's EI# during correspondence.

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