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Who is the casemanager (CM)?

I was just assigned a case, why is a report already due?

An SC contacted me directly, what do I do?

There may be times when the service coordinator may reach out to you, the therapist, directly and that is fine, but if there is information that is relevant to the case please inform the casemanager assigned to the case of any updates. When CMs are not informed this can have bad consequences for the agency and therapist alike. Don't assume that in telling the SC something they will in-turn tell us even if they say they will.

I haven’t received the pre-filled notes/reports. What do I do?

What is embedded coaching?

What number do I text?

Who can do FT?

For SW cases, what do i do?

How do I find my ICD code?

What do I do if the parent cancels a session?

When do I start the case?

What is a FAD?

I am an ST, is a Rx needed?

What happens when Rx expires?

Why can’t I start services yet - consent/wrong auth start date/issue w/ auth

What does it mean to follow the mandate?

What is an IFSP and why is it so important?

My authorization is soon to end. What do I do?

How do I set up my schedule?

What if a parent wants to change the schedule/location?

What if another provider comes at the same time?

What does ‘unit’ mean?

Why do I need to pay attention to my authorization?

Why do I need to read the child’s IFSP

Why should I read the child’s evaluation?

What questions should I ask the parent in the first session?

Can I provide sessions on a holiday?

Why are progress reports so important?

What is the timeline?

How long do I need to be on a case before writing a justification increase? (2-3 months depending on delay & the amount of gaps)

CM gets call from PT saying child needs eval for another area of development then they tell CM they are writing a letter for the req to eval (needed 2 weeks prior for review). Make sure parent is agreement with the eval prior to writing the letter. CM sends message to SC letting them know that the letter is avail.

What is a gap in service and what do I do if there is a gap?

What is a gap in service and what do I do if there is a gap?

What do I need to do if I need to take a day off?

What do I do if me/parent goes on vacation?

What if I need to terminate a case?


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