Introduction to Progress Reports
A progress reports is one of the most important documents you must fill out when assigned to a case. Progress reports are used to determine the child's progress while they are in the Early Intervention program and is an important part of our State, Fiscal, and City audits. Progress reports are reviewed by EIOD to ascertain whether or not a child should continue in the program. For that reason, progress reports must be accurate, high quality, and submitted to the agency promptly. 
Before you do anything else, please review the progress report sample here. As you can see, a progress report is to include the overall progress of the child since starting service with you.  
Progress Report Due Date Calculations
Progress report due dates are calculated based on when the child started in the Early Intervention program. They are NOT calculated based on when you specifically started as a therapist on the child's case. In other words, it is very possible and likely that very shortly after you have been assigned to a case, a progress report may be requested from you.
Even if you had one session with a child, you are still expected to submit a progress report - but please do not be alarmed or upset by this as you are not expected to write a lengthy report (if you were recently assigned to the case). It is understandable that the report would be brief and not a "true" report on the child's progress but more like an EI formality.  
There are 4 different types of progress reports: 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month. But please note the following:
  • A "3/6/9/12 month" report does not mean that you provided service for that length of time. Instead, these names are correlated to the length of time that the child has been in the EI program
  • The child will continue to need reports throughout the entire time the child is in the EI program. After the first 12 month report is done, the next report goes back to being called a "3 month" and the cycle continues
Progress Report Submission Procedure
Below is the procedure for submitting progress reports:
  1. Actively look on Providersoft's "My Window" tab to find your progress report due date. The assigned casemanager can also tell you if you have any upcoming reports due
  2. Complete the progress report. Be sure to answer all questions as per the directions and as shown in the sample. Both you and the parent have to sign it. The parent's signature goes on the first page and your signature goes on the last page. 
  3. Submit the progress report to Provider's "Documents" tab. Click here for instructions.
IMPORTANT: As a courtesy, pre-filled progress reports with the child's name, your name, & IFSP goals will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks from the date that you were first assigned the case. This SHOULD NOT prevent you from writing a progress report if one is due. Click here for a blank progress report to use while you wait for your pre-filled version. 
Additional Information about Progress Reports
  • Please be sure to update the IFSP Start and End dates in the top section of the progress report. This information can be taken directly from the child's current IFSP document
  • If a deadline is approaching for a progress report but you did not obtain the parent's signature, write on the parent's signature line "Unable to obtain signature. Reviewed report with parent via phone" and proceed in submitting the report to us without their signature.
  • It is better that we submit a report on time rather than making the report late due to an outstanding signature. When you finally do get the signature, send it to the agency again and we will resubmit it as the signed version 
IMPORTANT - Message about Progress Reports
***Notifications such as the one shown here are placed in the child's file when reports are missing/late. Missing/Late reports have a significantly negative impact on the agency and the child's services. Reports cannot be missing/late as per our Zero Tolerance Policy described here***