In-Person VS Telehealth Sessions
In-Person Sessions:
In-person sessions refer to sessions in which you are providing the sessions in-person. This type of session does NOT require additional documentation, such as the session note log, since you are able to obtain the parent's signature while you are there with them in-person. Please click here for detailed information on writing session notes (including how to write them, samples, blanks, & procedure on handwritten/electronic notes).
Telehealth Sessions:
Under the COVID state of emergency, telehealth was offered to prevent children from losing out on their important services. It is a great way for the parent to be involved in their child's services. Telehealth sessions can be conducted via a platform such as Zoom or a similar platform.
Just like in-person sessions, telehealth cases require you to write a session note. Please click here for detailed information on writing session notes (including how to write them, samples, blanks, & procedure on handwritten/electronic notes).
In addition to a session note, telehealth cases also require you to submit a session note log. Just like session notes, session note logs are used to bill your sessions held with a child and are an important part of our State, Fiscal, and City audits. For that reason, session note logs must also be accurate, high quality, and submitted to the agency promptly. 
Before you do anything else, please review the session note log sample here. As you can see, a session note log is to include your case information in the header, the session dates, times, and the parent's signature.  
For more City/State guidance related to telehealth/in-person sessions, please click here
Session Logs
The City/State instructed us to have our therapists use session note logs to obtain the parents' signatures to verify telehealth sessions that are held. The purpose of the log is to prevent you from having to mail/drop off a pile of individual notes for the parent to sign. Instead, the log allows the parent to sign one sheet to show all the telehealth sessions that were held.
Whether you do handwritten session notes OR electronic notes, the telehealth session note log procedure remains the same as explained below. When using a session note log, you must:
  1. Complete a handwritten or electronic session note BUT session notes for telehealth sessions are NOT to be signed by the parent. Instead, you are obtaining the parent's signature on the session note log. 
  2. Fill out a session note log with the dates and times of the telehealth sessions you held. Send the session note log to the parent and instruct them to review it and sign next to the dates and times you entered. Request the parent to send it back to you.
  3. Submit the log to us with your session notes as per our Billing Submission Cycle explained here. Please click here to know how to submit logs to us.
Please click here for a blank session note log.
Please note - Unlike session notes, we can accept copies of session note logs no matter if you are a DOH or non-DOH provider.  Prior to submission, please ensure the dates and times on your logs and notes match
IMPORTANT - Session Note Guidance
***IMPORTANT - The information above information briefly describes the overall procedure for session notes, however, it is imperative that you read the entirety of this presentation for additional Session Note/Log Guidance.***