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Provider Compliance

Part I

This page includes the document & recording related to the Mandatory Meeting for All Active Therapists held back on 5/6/22. If you are active on any cases with BF or plan to be active in the future, It is required that you review this important information in its entirety:

  1. Written Format: Provider Compliance (Part I) - For your convenience, I recorded all the contents of the written manual below (split in half) so you may listen 'on the go' if preferred

  2. Providersoft Remote Capture Feature mentioned in the above training material - link coming soon

  3. After reviewing the above information, please read, sign, & submit the below form

Acknowledgement of Receipt & Statement of Compliance with Communication, Billing & Payment Penalty Policy

With this letter I, _________________________________ , acknowledge receipt and full understanding of the Bright Future Provider Compliance Manual (Part I) distributed to me in written, video, & audio format. I have read/listened to the entirety of Part I of the manual and understand all the contents including but not limited to:

  • The importance of the work that I do and how it directly affects the agency and audits

  • The importance of ongoing communication with the agency and staff members

  • The importance of following authorizations and mandates

  • The importance of understanding the agency’s general structure 

  • The importance of submitting billing documentation on time and without errors

  • The importance of understanding the billing options and following the procedures exactly as stated

  • The importance of understanding the various specifics related to documentation for daycare cases, telehealth cases, denials, making corrections, parent signatures and so on

  • The importance of submitting your billing documentation as per our standards of professionalism

  • The importance of using all of our correspondence as well as the Providersoft system to keep track and adhere to deadlines and/or documents needed 


I acknowledge that BF will be moving forward with zero tolerance for non-compliance to the rules, policies, deadlines, and standards set forth in all BF correspondence and within this manual. I understand that if I cannot comply with the rules, policies, deadlines, and standards set forth by BF (that are aligned with State, City, Medicaid regulations), then I also understand that I need to discontinue my caseload with BF and will not take any further cases with BF until I am realistically able to comply (or I will inform BF of my disinterest in working further with the agency). 


I understand that the BF staff have been fully trained on the BF rules, policies, procedures, and standards and will be enforcing all of them. I understand that the BF staff will escalate any instance of non-compliance to the BF Administration. I also understand that the BF Administration will take action against my non-compliance in any combination of the following ways:

  • Removing me from the BF staffing list 

  • Removing me from my current caseload 

  • Distributing my payments dependant upon my submission of the outstanding requests/documents 

  • Requiring me to attend a mandatory retraining 

  • Terminating me from the agency


Finally, I also acknowledge receipt and understanding of Bright Future’s Payment Penalty Policy taking effect on 6/1/22. I understand, as stated on pages 12-13 of this manual, that BF will set the billing limit in Providersoft to 60 days on 6/1/22. This means that all my billing documentation (including claims, session notes & session logs) must be submitted as per BF’s Billing Submission Policy on an ongoing basis to ensure that my billing can be received, reviewed, & corrections resolved within 60 days from the date of service. I understand that for all my claims that are not submitted, submitted late, or left in ‘pending’ status over 60 days from the date of service will incur a payment penalty in which BF will manually change my rate to $0 for those claims. I understand that it is my responsibility to review my pending claims on an ongoing basis to ensure all claims are

resolved before 60 days from the date of service. I also understand that the later I submit my billing, the longer I take to respond to correction requests, and the more I do not follow the agency’s Billing Submission Policy, the more I am contributing to potentially receiving a payment penalty for my claims. I also understand that I cannot expect the Bright Future billing team to ‘drop everything’ to expedite  my claims to account for billing that I choose to submit late. I understand that, no matter how late I submit my billing,  the billing team requires at least 30 days to process billing claims from the date of my submission. If my late submission (in addition to the 30 days that the Bright Future billing team needs to process my claims) causes my billing to be processed beyond the 60 day limit, these claims will incur  the payment penalty. Finally, I understand that if I am adhering to the Bright Future Billing Submission Policy, I resolve all correction requests promptly, and I monitor my own claims to ensure they are marked as ‘verified’ prior to the 60 day limit, this payment penalty will never affect me.

Thanks for submitting!

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