Additional Information

Increase your chances of securing a preferred case 

Please  be aware that cases must be staffed quickly, therefore, to increase your chances of receiving a preferred case, please:

  • respond to our staffing coordinator quickly AND

  • speak to the parent to finalize a schedule

  • then, inform the staffing coordinator that you spoke with the parent and are accepting the case

As stated on the previous page, please do not tell our staffing coordinators you are accepting a case without first looking at the location, distance, traffic, parking, and ensuring that you and the parent have a mutually agreeably schedule.

Your 1st conversations w/ a parent

​After our staffing coordinator providers you with the parent's information, your initial conversation with the parent should sound like this:

"Good Afternoon! My name is Jaime Bermudez, a therapist from Bright Future for the Children. I understood from my agency that your child is in need of ABA services for 10 hours a week and I would love to provide the service. I currently have afternoons after 3pm available. Would a schedule like that work for you?"

  • If the answer is "No, I need a morning therapist", you can say, "I completely understand. I will let my agency know your preference and they will have another therapist reach out to you. Thank you so much anyway and it was a pleasure speaking with you."

  • If the answer is "Yes, that works", you can say "OK great, let's do 3pm to 5pm. I will inform my agency that we set a schedule and they will let your Service Coordinator know to send us the paperwork. Once my agency gets it, they will send it to me and we can start the service at that time. I will call you back again once I have the paperwork."

Once you have received the case assignment paperwork, your follow-up conversation with the parent should sound like this:

"Hi again, this is Jaime, therapist from Bright Future. Great news! Your service coordinator gave us the paperwork and we can get started today/tomorrow/on Monday."


  • As stated on the previous page, case paperwork can sometimes take as much as 2 weeks. We have to wait until the child's Service Coordinator sends us the authorization paperwork and, in turn, we send it to you. You cannot start a case until you review the authorization paperwork which will show you the "start date" of the service.

  • Once you know the authorization start date, services must start within 5 days from that date. Please be sure to schedule your first session within that timeframe.


Example of a Case Assignment Email

Please click here for an example of a Case Assignment email from our Casemanagement Department (which is sent to you after you have accepted a case with the Staffing Department).

This email is very important and must be read in its entirety. It not only notifies you that you have a case, but it also provides you with additional notes such as if a progress report is soon due, billing information for your session notes (ICD & CPT codes), as well as compliance reminders.