Introduction to Human Resources
Our Human Resources department consists of recruiting, onboarding, and connecting our therapists with our other departments and initiatives. In addition, our HR Department monitors compliance as it relates to the personnel documentation requested by our State & City auditors. 
Vicki Roberts, our HR Director, and Taylor Hazelton, our HR Assistant, will reach out to you for all HR related matters. Below is their contact information:

For a current listing of our available positions and detailed license requirements for each, please visit our Careers site here.

To apply, we need the following information/documents:

1. Malpractice insurance
2. NPI Number (click here to apply
3. Professional License/Certification
4. Acknowledgement of Policy & Procedures Manual
5. Annual Staff Physical
6. Confidentiality Agreement

7. Drug/Alcohol Declaration
8. I-9 Form and applicable IDs
9. State Central Register (SCR) form
10. Primepay Direct Deposit form
11. Provider Information form
12. Relevant Tax forms
13. Voided check
14. Contract
15. Review Policy and Procedures Manual 

16. Professional Development Training


  • upon acceptance of their first case- an assortment of toys are given to each provider

  • providers working 20 hours+ per week are eligible to enroll in our LCSW Supervision Program

  • providers working 30 hours+ per week are eligible to 

    • enroll in health insurance plan

    • enroll in our BCBA Supervision Program (must also be enrolled in an ABA/LBA educational program to be eligible)

  • full & part-timers are eligible to enroll in the 401k plan

  • flexible scheduling

  • ongoing support and training from the BF staff

To receive or submit an application, or learn about our perks please contact us:

- Email:
- Fax: 347-915-1113, or
- Mail: 119 Schenectady Ave. 3rd Fl., BK, NY 11213

Maintaining HR Compliance


To maintain HR Compliance, you must submit the following BEFORE they expire: 

  • Professional License/Certification 

  • Annual Physical (Please note - PPD shot is required each year)

  • Annual Malpractice insurance (annually)

  • Sexual Harassment Training (annually)

  • At least 10 hours of related training every year

  • NYS DOH approval (if applicable)


IMPORTANT: In the event that we do not receive your updated paperwork/training certificates in time, you risk having your cases temporarily or permanently reassigned to another provider. Please submit these documents in advance.



To fully onboard with Bright Future, you must attend the New Hire Orientation with BF's CEO, Danie Mascary.

In addition, NYS EI requires 10 hours of workshops/training per calendar year for EVERY provider, no matter how many hours of services/evals they have provided. Below is an explanation of the criteria needed to satisfy this requirement and instructions for submitting your certificates:

  • Trainings must be relevant to EI and/or Profession Specific (if Profession Specific, still must be RELEVANT to EI)

  • Training(s) must be taken between every year between January 1 and December 31

  • Documentation showing course description and the number of hours MUST be submitted if is not stated on the
    certificate itself

  • Unfortunately, this requirement is NOT prorated. A provider who starts work in January needs to complete the
    same number of hours as a provider starting in December

  • For EVALUATORS only: 1.5 of the 10 required hours MUST be evaluation related

The list below can be used as suggestions for finding trainings to fulfill EI's Annual Requirement:

- Trainings from other EI agencies, Professional Associations and NYS are also acceptable as long as they fit the requirements as stated above (including number of hours and description)

- BF will also hold trainings throughout the year that can be used to fulfill the training requirement

Please submit all other trainings to us via e-mail, fax, or mail:

Attn: HR Department
Bright Future for the Children
119 Schenectady Ave. 3rd Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Fax: (347) 915-1113