Accepting Cases

After completing the New Hire Onboarding Orientation with Danie Mascary, your contact information is added to our staffing list. If you've completed this step but still have not yet received any case notifications, please let us know by sending a text to our staffing department at 347-915-1112.

New case notifications will be sent to you via text by our staffers -  Jamella Palma or Nordia Fagan (dependent on the areas you want to work):

Jamella and Nordia will be offering several different types of cases with various mandates. Please click here for a breakdown on what they mean. 

PLEASE NOTE - Prior to agreeing that you are accepting a case with one of our Staffing Coordinators, you MUST:

  • use the internet to check the parking, traffic, and distance of a case to ensure it is "doable" for you

  • finalize a mutually agreeable schedule with the parent

To reiterate, PRIOR to accepting one of our cases, you MUST be sure that you can actually provide the service. In other words, please DO NOT accept a case only to come up with excuses that you cannot keep it. This creates an extreme disservice to the family and puts the agency out of compliance.

Case Assignment

After accepting a case from the Staffing Department, the case has to be prepared by the Casemanagement Department (CM). Sometimes it takes a while for the authorization/documentation to come into our system. If more than 2 weeks passed since you've accepted your case, please follow up with the staffing coordinator to find out if there is a status update.

Once the case documents are in, the CM will send you an email to notify you that you've been officially assigned to your case...Congrats! At this point, all further correspondence regarding the case will be with your CM (and not the staffing department - the staffers offer you new cases only).


Case assignment notifications will be sent to you via email by our casemanagers -  Shermila Maitland, Chris Bermudez or Jahidee Zorilla (dependent on the location of the case you accepted):​

PLEASE NOTE: Correspondence with your CM is mandatory. By accepting a case with BF, you agree that you will submit specific information to the assigned CM directly. Please click here for a list of the info/documentation you need to submit to the assigned CM.

Additional Info

Click here for the following additional information:

  • How to increase your chances of securing a preferred case

  • Your 1st conversations w/ parent

  • Example of Case Assignment Email

IMPORTANT - Zero Tolerance Policy
***IMPORTANT - The information above information briefly describes the overall procedure. In addition, please click here to review our Zero Tolerance Policy***