Correspondence with CM

PLEASE NOTE: Again, correspondence with your CM is mandatory. By accepting a case with BF, you agree that you will communicate/submit the below info/documentation to him/her directly:

  • FAD (First Date of Attendance - your first session) - must report within 48 hours of first session


  • Progress reports - Reports must be ON TIME. Due dates can be found in Providersoft.


  • Interruptions in Service (such as vacations, or foreseen events) - must report at least 5 days prior to event/vacation. The parent must also be notified


  • Gaps in Service (3 sessions that are consecutively cancelled) - must report within 48 hours after the 3rd consecutive cancellation


  • Case Issues (such as: parent constantly cancelling/no show, parent changing location or time of session, conflict in schedule with other provider, or any other issue that will impede your effort to follow the service mandate) - must be reported immediately per occurrence


  • 30 Day Termination Notice - can be requested ONLY under genuine extenuating circumstances such as: unsafe/dangerous work environment, you have a family/personal emergency, and/or parent completely deviates from previously agreed upon schedule/location of sessions and you cannot accommodate the newly requested schedule

  • Other Forms - such as Justifications to Increase, or Requests for further Evaluation might be requested from you.