Introduction to Billing

Billing for your caseload is extremely important - not only for payment, but also for our audits and compliance. Billable claims are created from session notes (with the use of Providersoft) which are processed via our billing department. 

Dependent on your last name, billing notifications/correction requests will be sent to you via email by our billers -  Maria Araujo (supervising biller), Patrick Cherisier (biller), & Britney Douge (biller assistant):

Billing Overview

In order to do your billing correctly, there are several items that you need to consider including: ​

  • Whether you decide to do handwritten notes OR electronic notes. Click here for specifics

  • Whether your case is In-person OR Telehealth. Click here for specifics

  • Whether you are a DOH OR non-DOH provider. Click here for specifics

  • Our agency's submission procedure & additional session note guidance. Click here for presentation

Please note - No matter what:

  • We have a set standard on how your session notes should look. Please review our Session Note page for details and samples

  • You cannot "do your own thing" when it comes to billing. In other words, all of the above procedures set standards based on guidance from our auditors. To reiterate, all procedures must be followed exactly as outline

  • When in doubt, please **always** reach out with questions PRIOR to entering or submitting your billing (questions can always go to:

Invoicing & Payroll

After your billing is submitted, it is verified by our billing department. The billing department processes your submission and identifies whether it was submitted on time and correctly. If there are errors, a billing correction request will be made to you.


If it was submitted on time and correctly, your payment is scheduled. Payments are made on a semi-monthly schedule (on the 15th and 30th) and are always a "month behind." This means that your sessions dated from the the first month will be paid to you in the following month. For example, all sessions from Feb 1st to 15th would be scheduled for payment on March 15th. All sessions from Feb 16th to Feb 28th would be scheduled for payment on March 30th. Please click here for the pay cycle. 

You do not need to send us an invoice for payment since Providersoft does that for us. To see where you can view payment info in Providersoft, please click here

IMPORTANT - Session Note Guidance
***IMPORTANT - The information above information briefly describes the overall procedure for session notes, however, it is imperative that you read the entirety of this presentation for additional Session Note/Log Guidance.***